Guide to Showing your Rental Property to Prospective Tenants


If you want to be successful when investing in rental properties, it is important to present your property to prospective tenants. Similar to selling your property, you have to ensure that your property is attractive to potential tenants so that you can let it out and start making rent.

The first step is to recognize that curb appeal is equally important for tenants as it is for buyers. Potential tenants are frequently put off by homes that appear to be shabby from the outside. To draw the best tenants, you have to ensure that your home is welcoming and reflects the attention you’ve invested in it. Even the smallest rental properties can give an impressive first impression.

Repair issues must be taken care of before showing a property to potential tenants. It’s never recommended to display the property that is going through the procedure of getting renovated or repaired. Make sure the property is completely repaired before displaying it.

It is also important to ensure that your property is spotless. There’s nothing more damaging to leaving a bad impression to potential tenants than a dirty property. In the first place, ensure that the carpet is spotless. In general, it is recommended to have your carpet professionally cleaned after a tenant has left and prior to when you present your property’s condition to the potential tenant. Make sure you give ample period for your carpet to air dry prior to you present any prospective tenant the house. Do not delay replacing carpet that is worn because this could cause issues in attracting good tenants.

Make sure that you are aware of the top features of the property prior to when you present it. Think about the top qualities of the property so that you are able to reference them when you display the property.

Before showing the property to potential buyers, take the time to go by the property to ensure that everyone is prepared to create a positive first impression. If outside temperatures are very hot or cold ensure that you visit the property to adjust the temperature within the house to ensure that the property is comfortable. In general, people do not want to stay in the property that is very warm or cold. If the temperature isn’t comfortable it is a high possibility that prospective tenants will not be there long enough to experience what they can appreciate about the house.

Additionally, you’ll be required to ensure that you turn off the lighting prior to showing the property. This is crucial in the event that you show the property in the dark. If your property isn’t well lit, potential tenants may be concerned that you’re trying to conceal something. The small amount you spend to keep all the lights on during shows can often be an investment that is worth it if you can attract high-quality renters to the rental.

Don’t be afraid to showcase the exterior and landscape of your property. If you have a unique aspect outside, ensure you showcase it. The goal is to give potential tenants an impression of what it’s like to live there, and that means showing off the property as well.

Make sure that you’re prepared for any and all presentations. When you present the property, you have to ensure that the property has a lease form on and an original duplicate of any lease that you are using. Also, you must be sure you’ve agreed on terms like the security deposit amount or pet deposits, as well as key deposits.

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